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And the winner is..... PI4ZI/P

We won the Multi operator Multi transmitter section of the VERON SSB-velddag 2015 contest.

With 890 QSO's 139 multipliers (entities) and a final score of 414.498 points.

It was the first time we participated.


Monday, November 09, 2015

Paper QSL cards. World war 2 (part 1)

This is actually very near to where I live.

This Polish card commemorates The battle of Arnhem and has a page dedicated to one of my favorite generals, Stanisław Sosabowski.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Paper QSL cards. Icons from Bulgaria

I received a whole bunch of paper QSL cards via the bureau. (Hams have their own worldwide sort of post system that we call the bureau.)
First I will show you a nice collection of Icons from Bulgaria. The subtitles are copied from the back of the card. All contacts where made with different Bulgarian stations.
All cards count for the "All Bulgarian Saints" Award that I don't pursue. I just like receiving such beautiful cards :)

The special calsign LZ 290 MB is dedicated in honour of
Saint Martyr Bonifacii
The special calsign LZ 386 SKI is dedicated in honour of
Saint Kiril Ierusalimski
The special calsign LZ 102 SIB is dedicated in honour of
 Saint Ioan Bogoslov
The special calsign LZ 883 PI is dedicated in honour of
Saint Reverend Iosif Pesnopisets
The special calsign LZ 550 SI is dedicated in honour of
Saint Isaak Sirin
The special calsign LZ 293 MA is dedicated in honour of
Saint Martyr Akilina
The special calsign LZ 1246 SIT is dedicated in honour of
Saint Ioakim I - Patriarch of Turnovo
The special calsign LZ 1680 MTS is dedicated in honour of
Saint Martyr Trendafil Starozagorski 
Next time a post about paper QSL cards concerning WW2. I have got so many of them I will have to dedicate several posts to tanks, parachutes, ships and planes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

eQSL from autumn





Réunion Island





Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Impressions of PI4ZI/P

During the weekend of 5 and 6 September 2015 I was member of the crew of PI4ZI/P.
PI4ZI/P is the SSB field-day contest station of the VERON Twente.

PI4ZI/P crew
PI4ZI/P crew
We had 24 hours starting Friday 15:00 local time to build the station off the grid and the next 24 hours to make as many contacts as possible. Every new country or 'entity' as we call them gives extra points.
Rainy and windy
The weather was rainy and windy so a good dry shack and steady antennas where very important.
Inside the bungalow tent with 4 HF shacks
One HF shack (and kitchen) to the left and 4 HF shacks to the right.

Hygain 10M Vertical antenna

We managed to contact about 800 HAM radio stations on every continent of the planet. Don’t send PI4ZI/P QSL just contact us every time you hear us.

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