Thursday, April 04, 2013

WAG contest: Stalin still tormenting scouts

Stalin never liked scouting.
As a HAM I like scouting because it encourages a free investigative independent spirit. A bit like HAM spirit. That is why Stalin and all commies after him abandoned scouting and replaced it with their own communist youth organization.
The commies never had JOTA and never liked it either so a contest was created to torment these scouts, preventing them the opportunity to meet and get an interest in HAM radio.

The DARC radio league. DARC lords of Stalin.

After the communist block tumbled down scouts worldwide hoped the cold contest war was over but because of DARC radio-league-politics the Y2-Contest was renamed WAG-Contest. A competing German radio-league never emerged but the contest QRM stayed and increased every year.

Only recently contest free zones where established.

Band CW (morse) SSB (phone)
80 meter 3.560 - 3.800 kHz 3.650 – 3.700 kHz
40 meter 7.040 - 7.200 kHz 7.080 –   7.140 kHz
20 meter 14.060 - 14.350 kHz 14.100 – 14.125 kHz
14.280 – 14.350 kHz
15 meter 21.350 – 21.450 kHz
10 meter 28.225 – 28.400 kHz

It did not help much. Contesters did not seem to mind these rules. Something to do with the logs they hinted.
You might remember the third Saturday evening in October where all open bands are filled with contest stations. The contest stations are top of the bill with kilowatts and super sets. The scouts mostly have to do with dipoles in trees so very often the JOTA was over.

And it got worse. Far worse.

Somehow Stalin was still spooking around in the heads of DARC radio-league officials as since 2011 they ran a beginners contest for starters and old timers (Slow CW speed, etc.) during the JOTA. This contest is not restricted by the contest free zones. (Aargh!) So now we have two contest during the JOTA.

I say: Disqualify the commie bastards. And you can do that.

If you hear any contest activity in the contest free zones during the JOTA which is the third weekend of October report the abuse to .

The abuse report must consist of:
  • Call-sign of the WAG contester
  • Stations worked with UTC, both signal reports and serial number.
  • Make sure to send the worked stations also.
An example of an abuse report:

WAG contester: PA1XYZ

Was working on 40m outside WAG frequencies the next stations:

UTC      CALL       RST-out      RST-in
10:53    DC3SW    59/056        59/P-15
10:54    DJ4MJ      59/057        59/R-34
10:57    DL6HAK   59/058        59/Z-10
10:57    DK4ZZ      59/059        59/B-04
10:58    DM2CF     59/060        59/S-56
10:59    DK2WL     59/061        59/S-34
10:59    DK3WN    59/062         59/Z-21
10:59    DK4UX/m  59/063        59/A-45

Abuse reports send in during the JOTA will be handled swiftly and disqualification is the promised action. Maybe these WAG contesters will stop their fraudulent transmissions there and then once they figure out they will not be on the score list that year anyway.

Maybe that is the time for them to sit down and realize that the third weekend of October is the only weekend in the whole year that young, energetic, free minded scouts can be interested in HAM radio. Those young people is what we need in our radio hobby, not an antique Communist scam to terrorize individual freedom and independence  called WAG-Contest.

Marc pc1mh 


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